Top 5 Investment Options

Investment is the process of purchasing assets with the aim of generating income or profit out of it. The key aspect of investing is to build wealth along with growth and gain a profitable return. Jamaica is a Caribbean country and is rapidly growing.

In recent times, the Jamaican market has come up with a number of investing options, such as – Premium Money Market Fund, Caribbean Income Fund, Premium Fixed Income Fund, Premium Growth Fund, and various Mutual Funds.  The stock exchange has also witnessed a rise due to the country’s policy of clearing debts.

Top five investment options in Jamaica are as follows:

1. Tourism

Tourism is undoubtedly one of the most significant and most money-making sectors in Jamaica. Over the years, Jamaica has been able to attract tourists from all over the globe, bringing in billions of pounds of foreign exchange returns along with them. Thus tourism is undoubtedly one major investing option.

2. Construction Business

The construction business has, in recent times, seen a boom in the Caribbean island country of Jamaica. With the government’s involvement, this sector is growing at a rapid pace. Making Construction an apt investment option in Jamaica.

3. Waste Disposal Business

The huge tourism industry provides space for a waste disposal industry. There is a lot of scope and profit in the waste disposal business in Jamaica.

4. Logistics Business

Jamaica is home to huge shipping business and is known as a logistical hub. Investing in the Logistics business in Jamaica is a good option as the market is growing. Jamaica being the stop for ships heading through the Panama Canal has an enormous growth opportunity.

5. Stock Exchange

Jamaican Stock exchange is growing, and many good investment options can be found. The Jamaican Stock Exchange (JSE) has performed exceptionally for the past two years. From begging the number one spot in 2018 to being in the top four in 2019, with its index in the global investing market. Below are the five best stocks:

1.  Barita Investments

Barita Investments was founded in 1977 by Rita Humphries- Lewin. Barita Investments is one of the oldest stock broking companies in Jamaica. Over the years, Barita Investments has built a reputation of excellence in the field of Equities Trading, Foreign Currency Trading, Fixed Income Securities, Asset Management, and Investment Research. Barita Investments has been licensed by the Financial Services Commission and is a Primary Dealer and Cambio Dealer for the Bank of Jamaica, and a prominent member of the Jamaican Stock Exchange.

Barita has been performing exceptionally since March last year Barita has raised $4 billion in rights issues.

2. Sagicor Group Jamaica

Sagicor Group Jamaica is a majority-owned subsidy of the Sagicor Financial Corporation (SFC). SFC is a dynamic group that has been serving and redefining the financial sector in the Caribbean since the 1840s. SFC has expanded itself into an international financial services player. Sagicor is now operating in 22 countries and is listed on the Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchanges.

Sagicor Group Jamaica led by CEO Chris Zacca offers various services from banking to investments to pensions and real estate services, etc. Sagicor has ranked in after-tax net profits for its third quarter with $10.9 billion, an increase of 23 percent over the net profits of $8.9 billion last year.

3. Mailpac

Mailpac Group is one of the largest e-commerce companies, and through its recent IPO, it has managed to raise $495 million in the junior market. With its huge business prospective and the current market demand, the shares are expected to go high. 

4. NCB

NCB Financial has been a stock over the years, which has given consistent growth and has maintained dominance in the Jamaican financial sector. The bank has maintained its growth with acquisitions and in 2019 has maintained record profit-taking its stock prices to new highs. NCB recorded a profit of $12.18 per share.

5. GraceKennedy

GraceKennedy has a track record of performing over the years, and this year also it is supposed to continue. In the year 2019 GraceKennedy was able to increase its performance with 17 percent high returns as compared to 2018. An improved operating margin is seen to be a growth indicator and an investment perspective.

Over the past couple of years, Jamaica is rapidly growing over 50 companies call centers and BPO services in Jamaica. These companies are a combination of captives and providers and are both local and foreign-owned. The majority of these operations and activities are located in areas such as Montego Bay, Kingston, and Portmore. While in recent times, Mandeville has come up at the forefront of emerging locations.

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